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​Due to circumstances of life I am currently Full Time Freelancer, I specialize in Digital Media and Digital Graphic Design.

I´m convinced of team work over individuality.

Where it prevails the good of the team above personal achievements.

  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Web Design
  • 3D Design & Print
  • Branding


Building a brand, whether from scratch or as a way to renew its image, in an industry that condemns visionaries, is certainly a task that fewer and fewer people dare to take on.

The identity of a firm is the fundamental aspect of its existence, given that it gives it the possibility of clearly distinguishing itself from the others; interestingly, this can not be seen, for example, in the most prominent mobile phone companies, which represent the most active and successful portion of the market today.

The question that arises, then, is whether the basic principles of the branding process have changed to reduce the percentage of potential losses to the maximum.

The main points to take into account when making the graphic design are typography, colors and name. These are issues that will be decisive for the positioning of the brand.

In summary, branding is an exhaustive and highly complex process to solve a problem that very few perceive, and whose success largely depends on that of companies.

Field specialist point out that a thick typography without serif (a term of French origin that refers to small decorations in the letters) demonstrates solidity and inspires confidence in consumers; hence, they are the ones chosen by the banks. On the other hand, it is important not to set aside a certain degree of symbolism; the font used for the logo of a hairdresser, for example, may well be very thin and not very rigid (as if it were hair), and that does not mean lack of responsibility or instability. .
With regard to the colors selected to make the logo of a brand, the most common example that is often used to explain its importance is the case of McDonald's: it combines red, which indicates alert, and yellow, which symbolizes well-being and also It is related to food. It is worth mentioning that the symbology of these colors is much more complex and extensive than what was stated in the previous sentence; but taking into account these simple data, it is easier to understand the success that this chain has achieved worldwide. .
Last, but not least, is the name. Unlike the two previous points, this is an aspect that consumers tend to criticize, given that it is the most obvious, although it is not the easiest to understand. The formula for the perfect name is not known, given that examples such as that of Ford (which is the surname of its founder) show that even without creativity it is possible to build an empire; however, it is estimated that the ideal is to find a relatively short word, easy to pronounce in most of the important languages, and with enough character and personality for its existence to make sense even when it is not associated with a product or service in particular.


Web HTML5 Design

Analyzing the data of the last years we can check the continuous growth of the use of Internet through the mobile. For what is essential at the time of creating your website, which is "100% Mobile Firendly"

Graphic Design

No matter how big or small your trade is, your brand differentiates it from the competition, where the first impression is what counts.


Printing of flyers, posters, business cards, brochures in general, vinyl canvas, exterior and interior signage, standees, roll ups.

GeneXus Analysit

GeneXus is the development solution used by companies, organizations, software houses and governments in all parts of the world.
It has the widest platform support in the market: from Legacy applications, web or desktop applications to native mobile modern applications.

Community Manager

The Community Manager is not only responsible for transmitting the brand image of your company and your personality, it is also a community manager that acts as a connector between your business and your potential clients.

One web per child

Regardless of the size of your company, you need to be on the internet, either through social networks, free market or a reference page, there is a budget for all. WEB DESIGN ACCESSIBLE FOR ALL KINDS OF BUSINESS.


Monitoring of your web traffic, as well as tools to converse with your online clients.

Personalized attention

A personalized attention is what differentiates a private individual from a company that offers less service at a higher cost.


Develop a new virtual point of sale by setting up your e-commerce store with the quality and security of your data provided by Magento or Genexus, both world e-commerce leaders.

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